Sharks are harvested at an alarming rate and we're committed to doing something about it. Blue Shark Vodka funds critical research for the docile and near-threatened Blue Shark in partnership with The Atlantic Shark Institution.


The Atlantic Shark Institute conducts critical research and provides much-needed support and resources to the most respected shark researchers working in the northwest Atlantic. The result is high quality shark research completed in an open and collaborative way. The goal of the Atlantic Shark Institute is to partner with these researchers to answer the most pressing questions concerning the biology, survival and sustainability of sharks in the northwest Atlantic Ocean.


Blue Shark Vodka is proud to partner with The Atlantic Shark Institute in our collective Blue Shark Conservation efforts. Blue Sharks (aka blue dogs, blue pointers, blue whalers, great blues, great blue sharks, great blue whalers) are graceful open-water swimmers whose preferred diet is squid, with their numbers decreasing at an alarming rate.


Shark species continue to be misrepresented and misunderstood, and we hope that through our joint efforts, we can bring education, awareness, and protection to this beautiful ocean dweller. As a near-threatened species, Blue Shark Vodka will be donating $0.50 per bottle sale through 2022, in a collaborative effort to save this magnificent migratory genus.


As humans encroach upon the oceans, it is up to us, the people, to stand up as a united front to collectively save and preserve our oceans. It is our duty to protect and conserve our waters, not only for ourselves but for the astounding ecology that resides therein.


It’s time we Own the Coast.


Blue Shark Vodka Celebrates Jon Dodd’s Induction into The Explorers Club 

Blue Shark Vodka proudly recognizes the exceptional achievement of Jon Dodd, Executive Director of the Atlantic Shark Institute, on his prestigious induction into The Explorers Club. […]

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Tag A Blue Or Two in 2022

Blue Shark Vodka has teamed up again with leading shark research scientists to find and tag blue sharks. Last year, Blue Shark Vodka announced its partnership with The Atlantic Shark Institute, led by shark expert Captain Job Dodd. In the inaugural “Tag A Blue or Two” mission, the institute and a team of scientists went into the Atlantic sailing from Maine to North Carolina over the course of several weeks. […]

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Blue Shark Vodka Signs Deal as Carolina Plains League Official Vodka….Beverage To be Served On Tap

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC, February 10, 2024— Blue Shark Vodka has signed a three-year contract to be the Carolina Plains League’s (CPL) official vodka. “My son, Brett, played for the Wilmington Sharks 15 years ago. The Bloomquist family would like to see the CPL grow and become the premiere wooden bat league for collegiate players,” said Blue Shark Vodka founder Mark […]

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The “Not So Dirty Dozen” beach cleanup series adds more dates through March

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC, December 2023 — Forget the Dirty Dozen — a coastal North Carolina distillery will host the ‘Not So Dirty Dozen’ — a series of 12 beach sweeps in 12 months along the coastline to promote coastal stewardship. Blue Shark Vodka kicked off the ‘Not So Dirty Dozen’ Beach Clean-up series Nov. 12 […]

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Previous Efforts:
After weeks at sea our dedicated research team with The Atlantic Shark Institute was finally able to locate and tag two female blue sharks and 20 males.

The scarcity of female blue sharks in the water has bolstered our mission for protecting and preserving this beautiful species. This was always the center of Blue Shark Vodka’s mission, but we are leaving this summer research excursion with a renewed sense of urgency.

Here are the sharks tagged and released during summer 2021:

  • 8 juvenile Great White Sharks tagged that the ASI will follow for 10 years
  • 500-pound thresher shark (Its large size will make this an important shark to follow.)
  • 12 short fin mako sharks tagged
  • Tagged and released 20 male blue sharks, listed as near-threatened
  • Two female blue sharks with SPOT tags
This research project will help collect much needed data on sharks during their migration, but with few female blue sharks found, we still have as many questions as answers. We believe in our partners like The Atlantic Shark Institute and Wyland Foundation to lead us into the future.

Thank you for buying and supporting Blue Shark Vodka — every purchase will continue to aid in this critical shark research and bring in those answers about shark populations we so desperately need.