From its inception, we created Blue Shark Vodka as a vessel to help keep our waterways along the Atlantic and beyond healthy.

"Not so Dirty Dozen" Beach Clean Ups

Forget the Dirty Dozen — we’re hosting a series of 12 beach sweeps in 12 months along the coastline to promote coastal stewardship! Blue Shark Vodka will host one cleanup each month throughout from November 2023-November 2024. 

Not So Dirty Dozen: May Beach Clean Up

Not So Dirty Dozen: April Beach Clean Up

Not So Dirty Dozen: March Beach Clean Up

Not So Dirty Dozen: February Beach Clean Up

Not So Dirty Dozen: January Beach Clean Up

Not So Dirty Dozen: December Beach Clean Up

Not So Dirty Dozen: Veterans Day Beach Clean Up at Daddy Mac’s


Blue Shark Vodka launched in 2019 and celebrated the launch by conducting an inaugural beach sweep at Wrightsville Beach, NC. There were dozens of volunteers picking up litter along the dunes. Ever since, Blue Shark Vodka has spent time and resources giving back to that big beautiful blue and the sharks living there that we take our name from. We consider our beach sweeps to be an integral part of our mission.


Our ongoing collaboration with the Wyland Foundation, a respected 501(c)(3) non-profit, exemplifies our commitment to safeguarding our planet’s precious oceans and waterways.

The Wyland Foundation is at the forefront of nurturing a healthier ocean. Their approach encompasses a blend of educational initiatives, inspiring public art, and engaging community events to foster a deep connection between people and the marine environment.

Wyland Bottles

Our limited edition releases of several bottle labels were designed by world-famous ocean muralist Wyland. From the sales of these bottles, we’ve donated to The Wyland Foundation to further support their conservation efforts. Wyland’s foundation centers around educational programs in communities and schools, sharing with children the importance of ocean conservation.


The Wyland bottle was a limited edition release featuring artwork of a stunning Wyland mural, depicting marine life and promoting ocean conservation. Proceeds from every sale supported The Wyland Foundation, which ran educational programs in communities and schools to raise awareness about the importance of preserving marine life and ocean ecosystems. The foundation’s outreach efforts reached millions of people worldwide and made a significant impact in protecting and conserving our oceans.


We teamed up with ocean muralist Wyland again to create a limited-edition bottle in 2023. The Wyland 2.0 bottle features an oil-painted scene of a blue shark circling an underwater shipwreck, with proceeds from the 750ml bottle benefiting The Wyland Foundation. This foundation’s mission is to provide educational art and marine science programs that inspire the next generation to explore oceans and embrace conservation. Our first partnership with Wyland in 2020 resulted in a sold-out collector’s bottle, and we’re excited to continue supporting his mission.
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