Cheers to 5 Years of Blue Shark Vodka

It’s June 2024, and five years since Blue Shark Vodka was fist unveiled as America’s new world-class vodka, born and bred in North Carolina’s coastal city of Wrightsville Beach. But don’t just take our word for it… Blue Shark Vodka has racked up over 40 awards over the past four years, including 20 SIP awards and Best Domestic Vodka Gold Medal in 2022.

The start was slow and steady, just like our process. From the first inklings of a spirit brand in 2012 from talks among family and friends to the ‘Tale of Four Bottles’, and our sales launch on June 19, 2019.  The journey was long and arduous at times, but exciting and celebratory too. Our original vision included three core spirit products. Each would stand alone in their own right: a crystal clear and smooth gluten free vodka, an authentic Mexican tequila, and a delicious, blended Caribbean rum from Barbados.  Each has come to fruition along with the fourth spirit, a moonshine brand that pays tribute to our North Carolina roots.

More than hand crafting and then selling a premium vodka in our unique shark-in-the-bottom bottles, we have paired ourselves with the missions of saving the misunderstood and docile blue sharks, while supporting artists both here at home and throughout the world. This year, we are featuring internationally acclaimed wildlife artist and scientific illustrator Rachel Brooks, based in the Scottish Highland town of Oban.  Her unique ink illustrations and exquisite artistries celebrate the intricacies of our physical world.

Staying true to our original company vision and blueprint also means preserving our coast and keeping our communities and beaches clean, healthy, and safe for both humans and wildlife. And that means practicing what we preach by incorporating modern technology along with heritage-based tradition and adding intelligent artificial automation that makes our process 90% more energy efficient – better for us, better for our planet, and better for our world-class vodka with incredible consistency and award-winning taste.

What will the next five years bring? We can emphatically state our primary objective is continued growth and distribution from coast to coast, border to border and expansion of this amazing, family-run enterprise. Surge to 100 as we move full speed ahead!

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