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Made with non-GMO, heirloom variety North Carolina sweet corn, distilled four times into perfection. Our small-batch process is a labor of love. After distilling the corn four times, our mash mellows for 28 days, allowing flavors to fully bloom and awaken.

Finally, each batch is triple filtered, giving the vodka a smooth, clean finish and making the “alcohol bite” nearly vanish. This has earned Blue Shark Vodka the clever nickname, “The shark that doesn’t bite.”


Our signature and star ingredient is non-GMO, heirloom sweet corn grown in the rich, flavor-imparting soils of North Carolina’s Southern Piedmont. The corn has a unique flavor all its own — light and pure with floral and vegetable notes, and terroir of neighboring peach orchards. The delicate flavors hold up, even after the intensity of the distilling process.



Attack: There is a hint of sweetness, that immediately goes dry as black and white pepper develops on the tongue.
Mid palate: A pleasant zing on the sides of the tongue as the lemon/ lime note zest (the acidity) starts salivation.
Finish: The vegetal notes return that develop into a pleasant bitterness in the finish. The finish is very short, and the mouth is left feeling clean.


Refined and smooth enough to drink on the rocks.


Clean ethanol character and then slight white pepper note / bread dough combined with a hint of vanilla.

Blue Shark Bottles


This bottle not only holds a hand-blown glass shark inside, but it was the inception for the dream of Blue Shark Vodka. “What if we could put a shark in a vodka bottle like you put a ship in a bottle?” we wondered. It took years of failed prototypes to get it right. These bottles, which Blue Shark Vodka drinkers love to collect, feature a glass shark that we think accurately captures the stunning mystery and elusiveness of the blue shark. Because they are handmade, no two glass blue sharks are the same. This is the most popular Blue Shark bottle and the distillery fills orders for them each week.

3 SHARK 750 ML

Once you fall in love with Blue Shark Vodka and have made it part of your bar, we suggest picking up some of our 750ml bottles. These are the same amount as our original “shark bottle” but have less of an overhead cost to create and, therefore, are more affordable for Blue Shark Vodka drinkers. Stock your bar with this stunning bottle, which features three blue sharks swimming around a shipwreck, all highlighted with a metallic finish.
Blue Shark Vodka Pint Bottle


Our 375ml pint bottles are the smallest in our Blue Shark Vodka collection with a stunning hand-drawn underwater landscape on the label. While Blue Shark Vodka fans have requested “minis” in the past, but with Blue Shark’s aim to improve the health of the world’s oceans for sharks, the plastic waste would be problematic. Until we can find a way to create glass mini bottles that are recyclable, Blue Shark Vodka is offering these pint bottles made with recyclable glass. These are perfect to stow away in luggage, take to friends as gifts and are totable for all of life’s adventures.


The final bottle in our Blue Shark Vodka collection is our Big Blue — a 1.75L bottle doing the most for our bartenders, event planners, and hosts. This larger-than-life bottle features another stunning underwater scene that captures the beauty of the blues. With the largest volume of vodka at a great price, this bottle is perfect for our regular Blue Shark Vodka drinkers, restaurants, bars, and events.

Current & Upcoming Limited Editions

Double Shark Bottle

We're celebrating our 5th anniversary with a stunning limited-edition bottle! This special release features two handblown sharks swimming gracefully inside, symbolizing the elegance and craftsmanship that define Blue Shark Vodka. Available soon at your local liquor store, this collectible item marks five incredible years of exceptional vodka.

Previous Limited Editions


Blue Shark Vodka is proud to announce its selection for 2024’s artist-inspired label: Columbia, South Carolina native painter and sculpture artist – Blue Sky. In his early years, Sky studied under Ash Can painter Edmund Yaghjian and was judged “best of show” among 700 other artists in 1964. And in 2000, Sky was awarded the Order of the Palmetto, South Carolina’s highest civilian state honor, for his contributions to the arts—particularly, for painting the state’s first large-scale public mural in 1975. Best known for his larger-than-life installations, Sky’s numerous murals are concentrated throughout South Carolina with other installations in North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and Michigan.


The Wyland bottle was a limited edition release featuring artwork of a stunning Wyland mural, depicting marine life and promoting ocean conservation. Proceeds from every sale supported The Wyland Foundation, which ran educational programs in communities and schools to raise awareness about the importance of preserving marine life and ocean ecosystems. The foundation’s outreach efforts reached millions of people worldwide and made a significant impact in protecting and conserving our oceans.


The Be Colorful bottle was a limited edition release by Blue Shark Vodka, which featured their signature underwater artwork of a Blue Shark and a Pride flag with the message, “Love” imposed inside. The colorful coral reef at the bottom of the seascape was an eye-catching addition.


We teamed up with ocean muralist Wyland again to create a limited-edition bottle in 2023. The Wyland 2.0 bottle features an oil-painted scene of a blue shark circling an underwater shipwreck, with proceeds from the 750ml bottle benefiting The Wyland Foundation. This foundation’s mission is to provide educational art and marine science programs that inspire the next generation to explore oceans and embrace conservation. Our first partnership with Wyland in 2020 resulted in a sold-out collector’s bottle, and we’re excited to continue supporting his mission.
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