Blue Shark Vodka expands into Coronado, California

Blue Shark Vodka is pleased to announce that all four of their one-of-a-kind bottles are now available for purchase in Coronado, California. 

The Wilmington, North Carolina-based award-winning vodka opened a warehouse facility in California in 2021 and launched into Coronado this fall thanks to United Beverage & Spirits. Now Carolina’s favorite vodka is only available (in California) at all liquor stores serving the city of Coronado.

“At United Beverage & Spirits we are thrilled to be part of this unique strategy and partner to introduce this premium product to California,” said Saad Shamoum of United Beverage & Spirits. “We have seen what Blue Shark Vodka has done across the Carolinas and knew this needed to be part of our offering in Southern California.”

For Blue Shark Vodka founder Mark Bloomquist, the expansion in Coronado, California is an even greater opportunity to support both the east and west coastlines and their respective marine life. Bloomquist, a former naval officer and U.S. Navy diver who admittedly wasn’t a big fan of sharks at first, is very passionate about using a portion of proceeds to protect critical species. The spirit has  partnered with The Atlantic Shark Institute to fund research and shark tagging programs necessary for understanding migrations on the east coast. 

“Once you spend some time with sharks in the ocean as a diver, especially the beautiful and docile blue shark, you cannot help but want to protect sharks and understand more about them,” said Bloomquist. “We know California is ready to enjoy a new and innovative vodka that also supports the coast. The heirloom variety sweet corn from North Carolina makes for the best vodka California has ever tasted.”


To view full press release, click here. 

4 thoughts on “Blue Shark Vodka expands into Coronado, California

  1. Hello,

    I live in Massachusetts and received a bottle of Blue Shark Vodka from my uncle who lives in NC. I shared it with the family on Christmas and we absolutely love it. We love the little beautiful shark that is placed in the bottle as well! We are hoping to make this our go to Vodka!!

    Do you know where I can purchase it in MA or is it possible to ship some up here?

    1. Hi Emily,

      We’re so happy to hear that you and your family enjoyed our spirit! (And we’re also big fans of the bottle’s design!) Unfortunately, we do not ship our vodka nor is it currently sold in Massachusetts. However, we are always looking to expand so stay tuned for updates!

  2. Just moved Greensboro..ABC store today me of you. Had to get Shark with the crystal.. I would like to ship a bottle to my son for his birthday. I hear you are on Colorado..where my son lives do you have a store near Arvada or I will ship from North Carolina

    1. Hi, Angela!

      We, unfortunately, do not have distributors in Colorado yet nor can we ship there, but we hope to one day soon. The best option for you would be to purchase it locally and send it to him. From the Blue Shark Vodka team, we wish your son a very happy birthday and thank you for supporting our spirit!

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