WILMINGTON, NC, Sept. 30, 2022 — Blue Shark Vodka was recently named among the best vodkas in the U.S. at The Fifty Best competition. The competition names 50 winners in each spirits category with designations of gold, silver and bronze. 

In its premier year of the consumer-based competition, Blue Shark Vodka was awarded a gold medal and was the only vodka in North Carolina to receive a designation. 

Judges picked up palates of vanilla, toffee, honeysuckle and other subtle flavors and found finishes of cocoa, powdered sugar noting the vodka is “lively, very smooth.”

This year the judging panel tasted selected American-made unflavored vodkas with the order of service being determined by a lottery. Strict tasting rules are applied as vodkas are poured into a glass from sealed bottles and served slightly above room temperature. 

About The Fifty Best

The Fifty Best is an unbiased guide to wine and spirits for those with epicurean tastes. Learn more at www.thefiftybest.com


To view full press release, click here. 

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