Blue Shark Vodka terminates TikTok account for safety reasons

As of Dec. 7, 2022, we at Blue Shark Vodka have terminated our TikTok profile due to concerns over the app’s aggressive data-harvesting practices. The following is a statement from Blue Shark Vodka President Mark Bloomquist on the company’s termination of their account:

“Regrettably, we at Blue Shark Vodka fell victim to using TikTok to promote our product and engage with followers. While this was an exciting way to share ideas, I have grown more concerned with TikTok’s intrusive tactics and addictive nature”

He added, “While our team and media partners spent hours creating content we are proud of, we hope to continue to engage with Blue Shark Vodka fans on other social accounts. We cannot in good conscious participate in an app we observed to be unsafe for participants, and furthermore, a national security threat.

On a personal note, I hope in 2023 our society can be more intentional about face-to-face connections. We passionately encourage anyone drinking to practice “S.O.S.” — Be Sensible, Observant and Safe.

Please join us this year in gathering with friends and loved ones, diving to explore the world’s oceans, participating in beach sweeps and supporting local businesses.”


Read press release here > 

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