The ‘Not So Dirty Dozen’ beach cleanups series to kick off Saturday on Topsail Island

BSV_BeachCleanUp_2023_DaddyMacSurfCity_ART_outlined (1)

Forget the Dirty Dozen — a coastal North Carolina distillery will host the ‘Not So Dirty Dozen’ — a series of 12 beach sweeps in 12 months along the coastline to promote coastal stewardship. Blue Shark Vodka will kick off the ‘Not So Dirty Dozen’ Beach Clean-up series 10 a.m., Saturday, Nov. 12 at Daddy Mac’s Beach Grille in Surf City. Join this local distillery and restaurant to enjoy some drink specials, treats and participate in a beach clean-up that will benefit wildlife and the community.

Participants will receive a T-shirt and special Blue Shark Vodka cocktails will be served inside. As Blue Shark Vodka and Daddy Mac’s are both veteran-owned and it happens to be Veteran’s Day weekend, veterans will receive a special gift. “12 beach sweeps will take a lot of planning and resources, but we are committed to being good stewards of our coastline,” said Blue Shark CEO Mark Bloomquist. “We are thrilled to kick off this whole year of cleanups at Daddy Mac’s — another veteran-owned business on Veteran’s Day weekend.

The next beach cleanup will be announced soon as we journey up and down the Carolina Coast with these cleanups.” Blue Shark Vodka will host one cleanup each month throughout the next year. Founded in 2019, Blue Shark Vodka has a vested interest in keeping oceans and coastlines healthy to aid dwindling shark populations. While not everyone loves sharks (we want to note the Blue Shark species is very docile and friendly) sharks do play a vital role in the ocean ecosystems. Sharks are known as a “keystone species” and without them the food pyramid in the ocean would collapse. Blue Shark Vodka partners with a number of organizations both locally and nationally, like The Atlantic Shark Institute, to keep sharks from disappearing entirely.



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