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Blue Shark Vodka NCRLA Mixologists Ricky, Jason, Tony, Killian

Introducing Blue Shark Vodka’s NCRLA 2023 Mixology Shiver: Meet the Fantastic Four!

Get ready for an exhilarating mixology showdown at the seventh annual NCRLA Chef Showdown, where Blue Shark Vodka proudly presents four exceptional mixologists going head-to-head in a competition. Presented by GotToBeNC and the NC Department of Agriculture, this prestigious culinary and mixology event brings together the finest talents in North Carolina. Selected by Blue Shark Vodka, these outstanding mixologists will unleash their creativity, showcase their skills, and compete for mixology greatness. Brace yourself for a thrilling display of talent and innovation as these exceptional mixologists strive for the ultimate recognition at the NCRLA Chef Showdown!

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Tag A Blue Or Two in 2022

Blue Shark Vodka has teamed up again with leading shark research scientists to find and tag blue sharks. Last year, Blue Shark Vodka announced its partnership with The Atlantic Shark Institute, led by shark expert Captain Job Dodd. In the inaugural “Tag A Blue or Two” mission, the institute and a team of scientists went into the Atlantic sailing from Maine to North Carolina over the course of several weeks.

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Tag A Blue: Focusing Our Efforts in 2022

As Blue Shark Vodka welcomes a new year, we are proud to announce our continued partnership with The Atlantic Shark Institute in our collective Blue Shark Conservation efforts. Blue Sharks (aka blue dogs, blue pointers, blue whalers, great blues, great blue sharks, great blue whalers) are graceful open water swimmers whose preferred diet is squid, with their numbers decreasing at an alarming rate.

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