From its inception, we created Blue Shark Vodka as a vessel to help keep our waterways along the Atlantic and beyond healthy. 

How is Blue Shark working to make a difference?

Blue Shark launched with a Wrightsville Beach, beach sweep with dozens of volunteers picking up litter along the dunes.


Our limited edition release of a bottle label designed by world-famous ocean muralist Wyland gave $1 from every sale to The Wyland Foundation. His foundation centers around educational programs in communities and schools, sharing with children the importance of ocean conservation. 


This summer Blue Shark Vodka is partnering with The Atlantic Shark Institute. This organization conducts critical research and provides much-needed support and resources to the most respected shark researchers working in the northwest Atlantic. The result is high quality shark research completed in an open and collaborative way. The goal of the Atlantic Shark Institute is to partner with these researchers to answer the most pressing questions of biology, survival and sustainability of sharks in the northwest Atlantic Ocean.

Estimates show between 10 million and 100 million sharks are killed annually worldwide. For many species, harvests are not sustainable and an alarming number of species are considered vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered as a result. 


This summer The Atlantic Shark Institute will tag 10 female blue sharks — something rare for the organization. Blue Shark Vodka will adopt one of the tagged sharks and help fund the research. Join us in June as we follow along with our blue shark as she pings along the coast. Follow Blue Shark Vodka and The Atlantic Shark Institute on Instagram to keep up!


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