Not another cigar: Enjoy a premium hand rolled Cigar with Blue Shark

Not another cigar: Enjoy a premium hand rolled Cigar with Blue Shark

Imagine the storm around you has lifted and the sun is peaking through the clouds. Soak in this moment and revel in your accomplishments: It’s time to sit back with an exquisite hand-rolled Cigar from Blue Shark Vodka.


11-year-old Kiptyn Bloomquist first had the idea for Blue Shark Vodka cigars in July 2020.

the Bloomquist boys pose for a photo at the J.C. Newman Cigar Company in Tampa, Florida

“On July Fourth last year we were all wondering what Kiptyn was thinking while he stared out at the ocean in Wrightsville Beach, sitting in his beach chair letting the waves hit his feet,” said Blue Shark Vodka founder Mark (“Chief”) Bloomquist. “Who would have thought he was dreaming up ideas for the family spirits business.”

At a barbecue dinner in the backyard that night, Kiptyn waited for a lull in conversation – as everyone tucked into their hotdogs — to announce his big idea. He quietly and earnestly explained how all day he contemplated (deeply) how Blue Shark Vodka drinkers needed a premium cigar to smoke while having a cocktail. The night ended with some chuckles and follow-up questions from the family, both delighted by his ingenuity and bewildered at his focus on cigars.

Shortly after, Chief reached out to one of the biggest cigar companies in the United States, J.C. Newman Cigar Company in Tampa, Florida. He wrote a letter to Executive Vice President Bobby Newman and Bobby returned the letter with a call. He told Chief he was excited to learn more about Kiptyn and his big idea. The Bloomquist family was invited to visit the cigar company’s headquarters.

Kiptyn and Brett Bloomquist pose in a photo with J.C. Newman Cigar Company owner Bobby Newman

Chief, his son Brett and grandson Kiptyn had lunch with Mr. Newman and gifted him a football signed by Blue Shark Vodka ambassador and spokesperson Connor Barth (formerly of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.) After a great lunch sharing the story of Blue Shark Vodka, and Mr. Newman’s many fun stories about the Buccaneers, Mr. Newman said yes to Kiptyn’s big idea.

“It will be a true collaboration between two families,” he said.


Blue Shark Vodka Ambassador Connor Barth loved Kiptyn’s big idea so much, he volunteered to help on the design team. In February 2021, Barth worked closely with Blue Shark’s label artist, Elif S. Their primary goal was to design a cigar label with all the appeal of the Blue Shark Vodka bottle, that would pop with color and class on a limited-edition cigar. The metallic silvers and pops of “shark” blue that make Blue Shark’s bottles so unique, appear on a stunning band around each hand-rolled cigar.

Blue Shark Vodka cocktails pair perfectly with branded cigars partnered with J.C. Newman Cigar Company in Tampa, Florida

In 2021, despite the team gearing up for the launch with several different specially designed cigar boxes and securing all the licenses, the launch was delayed by COVID-19-related supply chain issues.

In 2022, the Blue Shark Vodka team pivoted with the same incredible cigars, but a new 4-count cigar box. This gorgeous white-lacquered box comes lined with Spanish cedar wood and is now available for purchase in December 2022.

“We hope these cigars will be as much fun for you as they were for our family to make,” said Chief.


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