Wilmington distillery marks 3 years of accomplishments, prepares for spirit-filled future

Looking back on the first three years in business for Blue Shark Vodka, it’s clear the founders of the local distillery have big things in mind.

Since the summer of 2019, they’ve established a significant presence in North Carolina, started a production facility in Las Vegas, procured a warehouse in California and expanded to South Carolina through a partnership with Aleph Wines distributor.

But founder Mark Bloomquist is already thinking ahead and planning what he’d like to accomplish before the company celebrates its fifth anniversary – which will likely include a bigger emphasis on shark research and a sister tequila brand.

Bloomquist, a former Seagrams executive, started Blue Shark using non-GMO North Carolina sweet corn along with his daughter Brooke and his business partner and Naval Academy buddy, retired Rear Admiral Mark Milliken.

This year, Bloomquist said he’s made it a company mission to “own the coast.” They’ve created a line of house-made displays for North Carolina ABC stores to better showcase their line of distinctive bottles. He’s also been working with bartenders and managers to add Blue Shark cocktails on tap in restaurants like Grand Cru Food & Wine in Lumina Station and Elijah’s in downtown Wilmington (which is adding a Tipsy Mermaid to their selections).


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  1. I just sent an email to mark@blueshark.com, but I forgot to ask something. I met mark today at the abc store. And I was curious if y’all did tours of your distillery? Would love to see it one day.

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