Blue Shark Vodka is proud to be included in a cocktail served at Ceviche’s in Wrightsville Beach making a big impact on our community and environment.

Ceviche’s announced Thursday the restaurant donated $4,000 to local organization Ocean Friendly Establishments. Restaurant owner Laura Tiblier created the “Laura’s Lemonade,” with $1 of each drink sale going to the mission of ending dependence on fossil fuels.

Ocean Friendly Establishments does great work. They engage with local restaurants and bars to eliminate single-use plastics which often end up in the ocean.

“When we started our bar program, our idea was to create one drink that would give back,” said Laura. “My passion is really getting out from under the fossil fuel industry — a driving force of climate change. So we select a local organization each year that has this mission in mind.”

Laura said when she created the cocktail, she wanted something with a few simple ingredients. The lemonade features Blue Shark Vodka, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, a house-made simple syrup, and fresh mint. Blue Shark Vodka was included because of its similar mission to raise awareness around clean oceans and shark preservation, in addition to being a locally-made product.

The cocktail is still on the menu, so give “Laura’s Lemonade” a try. Ceviche’s has some of the best food in Wrightsville Beach — Panamanian fare featured on Food Network’s, “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”

You can also order the cocktail without Blue Shark Vodka upon request, for a refreshing non-alcoholic treat.

We are proud to partner with Ceviche’s in their mission!


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